Wine Tasting - West Columbia Gorge, OR


Columbia Gorge wines are increasingly winning high praise and recognition for their quality on the international stage.

Basaltic soil and 2 different climate zones provide a rich diversity of wine in just a 30 mile area.

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Cathedral Ridge Winery

The friendly staff offers free tasting of our award-winning, premium wines. Enjoy a picnic with views of Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams and the scenic Gorge. Wonderful wines and "wine perfect foods" make every visit memorable. Recently voted "Oregon Winery of the Year" by Wine Press Northwest

The Gorge White House

We proudly feature local Columbia Gorge products and what we feel are special gourmet products, including local wine, micro-brews, fruit, flowers, jams, artisan cheeses, wild sockeye smoked salmon, d’anjou pear vinegar, dried fruit, pourable chocolate sauces and more.
We like to call ourselves the “chamber of commerce” of Columbia Gorge wines! We currently have 34 different wineries represented at The Gorge White House.

We offer 6 to 12 wines daily, usually half red and half whites and our surprising local pear wine (we say surprising because it is not what you expect and it is made out of local pears!).

Our wine tasting selections change continuously so our guests may enjoy the many tastes and styles of our local winemakers. We offer 2 beers on tap at any one time from the 5 micro-breweries in our area. Our guests can choose to purchase the entire daily flight of wine or beer flight or elect to taste a single wine or beer offered for $1.00. We also offer wine and beer by the glass.

Hood River Vineyards & Tasting Room

This is the oldest winery in the Gorge, owned by Anne and Bernard Lerch. Hosting an excellent selection of Red Wines and Ports made from local fruits.
Try the MarionBerry!Over the years HRV has developed a broad selection of wines, emphasizing rich, flavorful, full-bodied reds, and delicious sweet ports and sherry. This is one of our favorite smaller wineries and we think the value is well worth the stop.

Mt. Hood Winery
Enjoy the fruits of the finest growing region in the Pacific Northwest. It's the "sweet spot" between the cool, wet Willamette Valley and the hot, dry Eastern Oregon climate.
The Pinot Noir is outstanding here and this winery will present more top quality wines as their production grows. Nestled among the orchards of the Hood River Valley, this newly opened tasting room mirrors the style of the area's roadside fruit markets. The young winery produces several varietals, chardonnay and pinot noir, with a Port bottling promised by winter.

The Pines
The long awaited tasting room from the Pines is now in downtown Hood River. Open Thurs.-Sunday, The Pines features some of the best Reds known to wine tasters! They offer spicy, full-bodied wines with a strong balance between fruit and alcohol.
The Pines 1852 is a family-owned and operated winery and vineyard.
The Pines Vineyard's Old Vine Zinfandel was first planted by an Italian stone mason in the late 1800s. Louis Comini made his home in Oregon's Columbia River Gorge, bringing with him grape vines from his homeland in Genoa, Italy. These original plants are still producing today by winemaker Peter Rossback and owner Lonni Wright.The century Old Vine Zinfandel make The Pines one of the oldest vineyards in the Northwest.

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